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Whether you have to cut it, mix it, finish it, or grind it, ATS has the tools and equipment you need to get it done. New mixers, saws, and vibrators along with diamond blades, trowel blades, pans and core bits are always in stock. Fair and honest pricing, top quality equipment and the industry's best back up. Call us for “service the way it used to be.”

Below is a partial list of our Concrete and Masonry Equipment. Call us - we'll make it easy!

CS Unitec 5 8010 - Pneumatic Saw, cuts up to 63"

Oztec vibrators are available in various sizes, heads, and shafts.

Allen HD7070 - 10'/12' beam, 2cyl gas

Core Cut 1313HS-XL - Gas, 13hp, 16"
Unitec FS-150 - Air, 20"
Core Cut 1820H-20S - Gas, 20hp, 20"
Core Cut 1810E3-P - Electric, 10hp,20"

Georgia Buggy - Narrow - 30" overall
Georgia Buggy - Wide - 36" overall
Allen B11 Concrete Buggy - gas, 8hp 41" wide, 11cf
Allen AR16 Concrete Buggy - gas, 13hp, 46" wide, 16cf
Allen AW16-H Concrete Buggy - gas, 13hp, 47" wide, 16cf

Indy IPB16E Concrete Buggy - electric, 47" wide, 16cf

Soff-Cut 310 - 5 1/2", 110v, push
Soff-Cut X-150 - 6", 4.5hp, push
Soff-Cut GS-400 - 8", 6.5hp, push
Soff-Cut G-2000 - 10", 9.0hp, S.P.

Edco T304-V5 Trowel - Electric, 220v, 30" blades
Allen Pro436 Trowel - Gas, 8hp, 36" 4 blade with finish blades
Allen Pro446 Trowel - Gas, 11hp, 44",
4 blade, with finish blades

Stihl MS290
- 16", 18”, Gas, Wood
ICS 695 - Gas Chain Saw, Concrete
ICS 890F4 - Hydraulic Chain Saw, Concrete

MK 101 Tile Saw - 7" with blade, 110v
MK-1080 Tile Saw - 10", 110v
Edco MS-10 Masonry Saw - 14",5.5hp, Gas and Electric, with folding stand
Edco GMS-14 Masonry Saw - 14", 9hp with folding stand
Edco GMS-20 Masonry Saw - 20", 11hp on permanent stand

Edco 2EC Floor Grinder - Dual disc, 1.5hp, 22", 120/220v
Edco 2GC-P Floor Grinder - Dual disc, 11hp, 22", propane
Edco DYI-GP Floor Grinder - High speed, propane, 11hp, 10"
Edco CPM8 Floor Scarifier - 8", 9hp, includes carbide teeth
Edco CPM8-E Floor Scarifier - 8", 5hp, 230v, includes carbide teeth
Edco FS-8 Tile Stripper - 115v
Edco CP6/CP66 Hand Held Scabbler
Edco CD5 Floor Scabbler - Air, 5 head
Edco VAC-100 Vacuum/Dust Collector

Concrete Mixer - 3cf, electric, 115V
Toro MM-655H Mortar Mixer - 6cf, 8hp
Toro MM-650E Mortar Mixer - 6cf, 220v
MQ EM12M Mortar Mixer - 12cf, 11hp
Toro CM-658H Concrete Mixer - 6cf, 1hp, electric or gas
MQ MC64PE Concrete Mixer - 6cf, electric, 115/230v
Toro CM-958H Concrete Mixer - 9cf, 8hp

GAR-BRO 440-R - Lightweight round-gate, 1 1/2 cubic yards

Diamond blades, SoffCut blades, ICS chain saws, trowel blades and pans are available from both locations.

Allen, Engineered for Concrete Professional

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