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ATS Equipment is your temporary heating and dehumidification experts. We provide portable propane, kerosene, diesel and electric rental heaters. They range in size from 50,000 Btu all the way up to 2000,000 Btu. Heating supplies and accessories such as concrete blankets, tarps and poly are stocked in each location.

We also rent ground heaters to thaw frozen ground and to cure concrete.

ATS Equipment also rents dehumidification equipment at each of its four locations in Boston MA, Auburn MA, Candia NH, and East Providence RI.

Below is our partial list of our heating and dehumidification equipment and supplies.
Call us – we’ll make it easy!

Tank Top Radiant - 9,000-32,000Btu
Convection - 60,000-200,000Btu
Forced Air - 40,000-375,000Btu
Directional - 85,000-320,000Btu

Mi-T-M Kerosene:
Mi-T-M_ MH-0190-0M10 - Forced air portable heater, 190,000Btu,
240v, 1-phase

Patron E 9 - Heater, 30,700Btu,
240v, 1-phase
Patron 18 E - Heater, 65,000Btu,
240v, 3-phase, 47Amps, 62lbs.
Patron 40 E - Heater, 133,000Btu, 480v, 3-phase, 60Amps, 125lbs.
Fostoria FES-1524-3E - Heater, 51,195Btu, 240v, 3 phase, 65lbs
Fostoria FES-1548-3E - Heater, 51,195Btu, 480v, 3 phase, 65lbs
Fostoria FES-3048-3A - Heater, 102,390Btu, 480v, 3 phase, 83lbs

Heat Wagon S100 - Heater, 100,000Btu, Va. propane, 110v
Heat Wagon S405 - Heater, 400,000Btu, Va. propane/natural gas, 110v
Heat Wagon 1800L - Heater, 750,000Btu, liquid/Va. propane/natural gas, 110v
Heat Wagon S1505 - Heater, 1,500,000Btu, Va. propane/natural gas, 110v
Heat Wagon 2730C7 - Heater, 2,000,000Btu, liquid/Va. propane/natural gas, 240v

Western Transcube 10TCG - 258 gl.

Heat Wagon FN20 - 20" high velocity, 5000cfm
Triangle SPL4223
- Fan, box, 42" on wheels, 12,500cfm

Frost Fighter OHV500
- Heater, 430,000Btu, oil fired, 38gals., 120v
Frost Fighter IDH500QR - Heater, 500,000Btu, oil/diesel, 120v
Frost Fighter IDH500QR LP-NG - Heater, 500,000Btu, LP-NG, 20v
Allmand MH-1000 - Heater, 1,000,000Btu, diesel, trailers (heater uses specialized duct)

Dri-Eaz Santana SX
- Turbodryer, 2250cfm, .4hp, 25lbs
Drizair 1200 - Dehumidifier, 227cfm, 15.3 gal/day, 115v, 80 lbs.
Dri-Eaz 2000 - Dehumidifier, 320 cfm, 25.0 gal/day, 115v, 132 lbs
Dri-Eaz LGR3500i - Dehumidier, 400cfm, 30.0 gal/day, 115v, 160lbs
Dri 42 - Dehumidifer, 1,400 cfm, 84.0 gal/day, 230v, 445 lbs

Heat King HK150 - ground heater, 150,000Btu, (2) 700' loops, thaw up to 2,800 sq. feet
Heat King HK300 - ground heater, 290,000Btu, (4) 700' loops, thaw up to 5,600 sq. feet
Heat King HK500 - ground heater, 500,000Btu, (8) 700' loops, thaw up to 11,200 sq. feet

Spreaders - salt and sand
Pushers and Plows

Concrete Curing Blankets, Tarps, Poly, Reinforced Poly, Torches, etc.

ATS Equipment, Inc. located in four convenient locations.
Boston, MA, 33 Locust Street, Tel: (617) 825-3600 Fax: (617) 825-1073
Auburn, MA, 487 Washington Street, Rt 20, Tel: (508) 832-8500, Fax: (508) 832-8503
Rehoboth, MA, 51 Fall River Avenue, Tel: (508) 379-6200, Fax: (508) 379-6201
Candia, NH, 133 Raymond Road, Tel: (603) 483-2100, Fax: (603) 483-2777